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Of the many questions we typically receive regarding our home renovation efforts, one of the most commonly asked revolves around paint stripping. From those curious about the general efforts, to the people who are interested in the nitty gritty details of the approach we take (and perceived benefits), they're a...
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If you're a fan of This Old House like I am, you've undoubtedly seen the recent focus on the new EPA guidelines and restrictions when it comes to hazardous materials handling by contractors. From lead paint stripping to asbestos removal, the workers covered in white suits look like nuclear facility...
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Here's an official welcome to any new readers who've made it over this way from Brooklyn Limestone! And for those that don't know, Wendy and I were invited to guest blog at Brooklyn Limestone, one of our favorite blogs, for a Conquered Closet series. To say we're giddy with excitement is...
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One of the tasks we've been faced with throughout our renovation involves the discovery and restoration of period authentic hardware. We're replacing hinges, rim locks, door knobs, and any number of iron or steel items that have removed from the house by previous owners and renters. Typically, our search for...
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As part of our overall vestibule/curb appeal 2.0/new salvaged front door efforts, we've opted to change the configuration of the entry to the house. We're doing this by moving the current front door to the inner door, and then placing salvaged divided lite double doors on the front of the...
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