For the two of us, there are few things in DIY renovation more satisfying than the idea of reuse of salvaged materials through repurposing. It typically combines all of the elements of a project that we always strive for. Hrm, based on that acronym, we really love R.I.C.E. That could...
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It's no secret that our four legged family members are spoiled rotten. Our sense of responsibility goes well beyond the basic needs of food, water, and shelter. They also get our undying love, embarrassing levels of affection, ridiculous nicknames, the best healthcare available, fashionable outerwear, permission to snooze on any...
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The homes around Old Town Alexandria, due to their age and unique architectural variations, represent one of the more interesting towns we've ever seen (though we may be biased). The city has grown organically over hundreds of years, slowly transforming itself from a tobacco port, to colonial shipping town, to...
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After extensive debate, voice raising, a significant amount of arguing, hemming, hawing, general discourse, a few instances of leaving in a huff, and an inquiry to our kind and knowledgeable readers, we've come to a consensus on our rather difficult decision to keep, modify, or discard our brand new order of...
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As some of our readers know, earlier this year I made a big career transition, leaving behind the field of non-profit marketing to enter the fun and exciting world of real estate. It's been a big change, but one that I've welcomed with open arms. As a licensed Realtor with...
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Though our beadboard woes were slightly all consuming over the weekend, I think we've got our emotions in check and are coming to an amicable consensus on how best to proceed. Deep breaths were needed, cooler heads as well, and we hope to have some progress to share a bit...
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Houston, we have a problem.If you've been keeping up with our long, drawn out process of selecting elements for our master bathroom, you may recall our debate on whether to use tile or wood wainscoting. We certainly weighed our options, crunched numbers, and took hours of labor into consideration. Although...
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As we mentioned in our post about gutter and downspout research, the whole idea of full gutter replacement was a bit of a hiccup in our much larger siding replacement project. As if we didn't have enough going on, the research, purchase, and ultimately, installation of the gutters, were all...
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Each year September 11th comes and goes with a varying number of remembrances, tributes, moments of silence, and television specials dedicated to the events that occurred, and people who tragically lost their lives on that sunny and seemingly perfect morning in 2001. For Wendy and me, September 11 holds a...
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Today's story is a tantalizing tale of tool turmoil, rather than your typical Toolbox Tuesday review. The events of the last several days left me seething for more than a moment, and it happened as fast as, well, getting hit by a slow moving truck...literally.Some of you may remember, while...
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Throughout the years we've been asked quite a few questions about our various renovation efforts. From the routine queries of "How do you a fix a hole in a plaster wall?" or "What's the best way to install crown molding?," to the truly bizarre, such as "Have you two ever...
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As we slowly start to tackle the less glamorous tasks in our master bathroom—like repairing cracked plaster or evicting Blanche Devereaux and the rest of the Golden Girls-inspired design choices—I find myself turning my attention to the eye candy that will some day reside in the space.From sexy tub faucets...
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Happy Labor Day to all our U.S. readers out there. We're definitely taking full advantage of the long weekend and are working to knock out a few projects in our master bathroom. Specifically, we've been devoting our time and attention this weekend to the closet in this space.As is the...
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