Whether you're a seasoned DIY veteran or someone attempting to get settled into your first apartment, I'd venture to guess we've all asked ourselves the same question: "Where do I start?" Moving into a new home and/or attempting a renovation can be a daunting process. You may not have any...
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There's nothing quite like waking up early on a Monday morning after a long weekend of nearly non-stop and labor intensive DIY work, back aching, hands sore, exhausted and trying to figure out if it's all some sort of a cruel dream and it's actually Saturday, or if the weekend...
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There I sat, in the middle of the kitchen floor, just one day after a whole host of friends had shown up to assist us on our siding project. We were physically exhausted from the day prior, and emotionally exhausted from the idea that we only completed the lower half...
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"So...if we come out to visit, is there anywhere near your house where we can grab a bite to eat?"Prior to visiting, we've had several friends and family members ask this very very question when attempting to plan their trip. To us, our seemingly endless restaurant options within a short...
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When Wendy and I take walks around Old Town, we typically don't take a specific route, and we often don't know exactly where we plan on walking when we leave the house. There are so many lovely streets, so many beautiful homes, so many things to see. We're 13 years...
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The siding project involved a great deal of research, a fair number of purchases, a tremendous number of steps, and the assistance of a good number of friends and family along the way. The overall project was easily the most collaborative project we've undertaken during our entire period of home...
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Boy, did we have a weekend! This past weekend was full of highs and lows. We kicked it off by meeting up with the family of blogger/Instagram friends who were in Old Town, which was a whole lot of fun and just reinforces why blogging and interacting with total strangers...
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After having satisfied all prerequisite items on our all too critical list of siding unknowns, as well as beginning our project by removing all old siding elements and the various underlayments we discovered along the way, we felt pretty great about the project and where it was headed... Well, actually, I...
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"Which one is the fairest of them all?" It's a question I've been repeatedly asking myself for the last year. In planning for our master bathroom makeover I've long debated what kind of vanity mirror should reside in the space. If you've been reading along, you may remember that Alex and...
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Back in 2004 Wendy and I were relatively poor and relatively new homeowners with a fixer upper of a house and we possessed relatively paltry home improvement skills. When we were faced with one of our kitchen sink's faucet knobs fracturing in our hand as we suggested the faulty knob...
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We've shared some of the smaller elements of our planned master bathroom design over the year or so, all in anticipation of our eventual project. From the antique clawfoot tub that has patiently awaited its restoration for the last 10 years while lurking in our basement, to the antique...
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In a world where we're often too quick to judge, cast a sideways glance, make a rude hand gesture from behind the wheel of our car, or utter disparaging remarks against strangers, colleagues, neighbors, or even family, it's refreshing and wonderful to see shimmering moments of kindness. The type of...
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Alright! We were rolling right along with our four part prerequisite list for the siding project we had undertaken with little to no (okay, absolutely no) previous experience installing siding. Sure we may have had a few snags and delays along the way, but we were rolling along, and that's...
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I have a confession to make: I've been having a daydreaming DIY house affair. It's true, I have to come clean...I'm obsessed with another house. But my clear and obvious destiny to own and care for this other house has been prevented by my wife, and I pine for the...
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