Nothing says "Baby Shower" like the variety of sweet treats that often come along with the event. Sweets are often as consistent of a shower participant as are expectant mothers. For the party we were throwing last week, I wanted to make a series of dessert snacks that would fit...
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Back in 2003 as first time homeowners, we were excited for spring as it meant we'd be able to use our very own backyard space. After extensive research and flexing our well honed bargain shopping muscles, we found a set of solid teak furniture for a steal at our local...
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Sunday was our big day! Yes, Sunday was Baby Shower Day! Well, it was actually our friends' big day, but we, along with another friend, were throwing them a baby shower at our home that we had been working towards for several weeks. Beyond the weeks of planning, we've been...
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It's Monday night, at the end of the holiday weekend. I'm on the couch in a heap, eyelids drooping and body aching. I'm also pretty sure I pulled a muscle in my neck. These are all symptoms of a post-entertaining slump, but boy was it worth it!Sunday was P-Pay, or...
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With the baby shower hosting gig just two days away, I had to be honest with myself about something I've been in denial about for quite some time. Our decorative grass plants that once gently graced our front flower bed weren't still in a winter slumber. No, they hadn't decided...
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There's a very special house that sits on the north-west corner of Duke Street and St. Asaph Street. It occupies a large lot and maintains much of the character and original detail that adorned the home at the time of it's construction in 1784. Richard Pratt in A Treasury of Early...
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As you may have seen in our post last Friday, I've volunteered to host a baby shower at our home this coming weekend. Well, in true Old Town Home fashion, I may have underestimated the time and detail needed to successfully pull off this project. In an effort to get...
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Oh boy, do we ever have a house for you today! This is the sort of house that Open Housing was made for, and we're really excited to share it with you!There's a particular block in Old Town that is home to some of the most historic and beautiful old...
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Whoa, whoa, whoa. Let me back up a minute before I tee up all kind of rumors that will make our parents' pulses quicken. I'm not talking about us...I'm talking about throwing a baby shower for one of my best friends. My rounder figure can be solely attributed to an...
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Last weekend a good friend of ours was celebrating a big birthday and in order to help her ring in the occasion a few of her close friends, lead by her boyfriend, teamed up to plan the details for a memorable bash. The efforts to plan the event began back...
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The title of this post is how I'm feeling at this point. Not surprisingly, the wiring infrastructure of Old Town is not the organized and simplified structure you'd probably find in most planned communities. Over the years the electric, phone, cable, and fiber optic services for Old Town have grown...
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So here we sat Sunday night, a project list a mile long, but rather than working on anything serious, we were actually lounging on our urban hammock. The weather was so perfect, crisp, and cool, the mosquitos are not mature enough to terrorize us, our puppy was tuckered out from a...
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Earlier this week we filled you in on some of the details of our weeklong trip out to California in celebration of Wendy's birthday. Now that we're back on the east coast, we're still trying to get caught up with the work, projects, and other chores we missed while away....
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Not to be too sensationalist with a post title, but I have an embarrassing admission to make. We've aired a few dirty secrets here on the blog in the past, and I think it's about time we publicly own up to this little known fact that both rivals and contributes...
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Last week we were celebrating a very special day week in our household, known locally as "Wendy's birthdayweek," and we decided to celebrate in style. For the second year running we opted to take a nice vacation out to California in honor of the occasion, because it's been proven that...
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